My Birthday! 😉

In case you didn’t know, yesterday (13th July) was my birthday! Well, you might be feeling you missed on the details of events that happened; no worries 😉 I am here to give you the gist.



On the 12th July at about 9:30pm I missed my very good friend’s (a sister) call, I had to call her back and we spoke up till 12.00am 13th July. Yaaay! It’s your birthday – I know right.

As we spoke on, my family came into my room at about 12.02am. They sang and prayed for me, of course my friend, Bernice, joined in the session. Lol.

The session ended and my family stepped out of my room; as I was about ending the call with Bernice, my big brother sent me a birthday wish and gave me my first birthday present, yaaay! Guess what? It was a credit alert – best gift ever right 😉



I went to bed and woke up quite late in the morning. I stepped out of my room to greet my parents, on getting back I saw a small box on my bed, awww another present- I was excited. It was from my sister, Mercy💕💕 it was a lovely wristwatch, to think I have had it in mind to get one because I am not a wristwatch person, I was really excited.



Being excited, I received a call from a friend, big brother and boss. He prayed for me and asked of my birthday plans. I told him I didn’t have any; he asked I come to his place so myself, his fiancée and I can hangout which we did and it was absolute fun. God bless you for me Wale Adetona.



Ooops, I almost forgot; before I stepped out for the hangout, I had an amazing Parfait which was made by my sister, Priscilla and Mum – thanks for making me feel special.

Asides this, I received calls, Social Media messages from loved ones and acquaintances; I indeed felt loved.

So, if you reading this and didn’t wish me a Happy Birthday, do that in the comment section 😉😉 Thank you for reading.

Much love.

FJ 💕

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  1. You’re a friend for a lifetime Josh….happy birthday again hunay…just wait! You are gonna be dazed this new year!

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